A Modern, Distributed Infrastructure Beyond Traditional Banking. Our vision is to empower any organization in the world to offer financial products to their customers and community.

As the only banking as a service solution built on GraphQL we enable faster and more flexible application development. Our proprietary virtual ledger powers a distributed financial architecture to further our vision to create ‘defi for traditional finance’ so we can offer the best financial products across multiple banks, data providers, card networks, and other ecosystem partners.

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VL Virtual Ledger

Productfy's banking backbone for accounts, balances, transactions and more. Our ledger enables fee-free virtual accounts with instant book transfers.

Virtual Ledger
API Modern APIs

Built on one of the most flexible, developer-friendly frameworks with GraphQL, developed on a platform that is runtime performance for web and mobile applications.

Modern APIs
DR+ Data Repository, Reporting

Access all your data across our ecosystem our Finsight Profile repository for easy reporting.

Data Repository, Reporting
UI UI Widgets

Embeddable web UI widgets for application developers to test and deploy feature sets.

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S Industry Standard Security

Bank-level security with rigorous enforcement of compliance and diligence requirements down to the transaction level with PCI-certified security protocols.

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We are experts with decades of experience scaling programs and keeping fraudsters at bay. We hire compliance and fraud experts from fintech, banking, and tech to ensure we've got your back. From Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering compliance (BSA/AML), to regulatory disclosures, agreements, fraud risk management, and marketing guidelines, our compliance programs and services are baked into our solution.


Program Management.

Humans in the loop, managing the financial experience. Productfy’s banking as a service solution is designed to be innovator friendly. With direct integrations and program management designations with our bank partners, we power the program beyond a thin API layer to ensure your program scales from an operational perspective.

  • Customer Support

    Partner with us on end-user program support, including lost/stolen cards, ACH returns, and other back office servicing.

  • Chargebacks and Disputes

    We handle chargebacks and disputes with programmatic endpoints and servicing experts with decades of experience in bank and financial operations.

  • Financial Operations

    Do you want to manage ACH file transfers and cut off times to bank partners? We didn’t think so. We’ve got this - and other bank-level operations that keep your program running smoothly.

  • Card Fulfillment

    Leverage our pre-built templates for the major card networks to ensure your designs go through the approval process without a hitch. Our partner integrations enable Productfy to send completed registrations upon full completion and approval.

  • BIN Management

    Our integration and partnership with Marqeta and our Bank Partners enables Productfy to assign and manage BIN ranges to your program. We provide reporting and interchange attribution on your behalf.


Bank and Ecosystem Partners.

With banking as a service, good technology is the floor, not the ceiling. Our best in class ecosystem partners are fully integrated. Not all bank partners are created equal, and for this reason we do the heavy lifting on due diligence to find the right partner for the right solution with the right incentives aligned - to power an ecosystem that can change the way financial products are built...for good.

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