Changing the way financial products are built...for good.

Duy Vo
Posted by Duy Vo | Dec 21, 2020

We’re on a mission for good: to change the way financial technology products are built, so innovators can get their game-changing products to market faster.

I started Productfy with the idea to take my 15 years of FinTech development experience to help other innovators who, like me, see it as a tool to help to reduce the tremendous wealth gap. If we can democratize financial services by making them more available to more consumers, it can help people achieve financial stability and give the most vulnerable among us an opportunity to thrive.

That’s a mission that resonates with our entire team. We’re a group of individuals who aren’t just aspiring to make the world a better place -- we’re already doing it. We’ve been there, and we aspire to make the world a better place.

That starts with the people. It might sound trite, but it’s true. We’ve assembled a team that all share the same commitment to doing things the right way. These are experienced, knowledgeable professionals, well-versed in development and financial technology. It’s in our DNA to have deep, personal empathy for developers – because that’s our background. We marry the passion and inventiveness of Silicon Valley with the understanding of what it takes to build a world-class financial experience.

It’s the soul of this company: high moral values. No cutting ethical corners. We put in the hard work and the late nights to do it right.

With that ingrained respect, comes the understanding that FinTechs aren’t interested in banking infrastructure, program management, and understanding the vagaries of compliance. They want to get to market, test, iterate, and scale their business models. Fintech builders generally don’t have the resources to dive deep into compliance, managing integrations, and data workflows—all the undifferentiated features necessary for the underlying infrastructure of any successful financial application.

Productfy lifts that piece off their shoulders, empowering innovators to do what they love. And that helps them achieve their goal of getting an innovative fintech product into the market faster, where it can start doing good.

We take care of the Fin and the Tech—so entrepreneurs can focus on bringing their dreams to life. 

Duy Vo, Founder