The Best Part of Us

Duy Vo
Posted by Duy Vo | Aug 24, 2021

The best part of Productfy is our people. Every good idea, every successful execution, every hurdle that we overcame starts with our people coming together as a team that’s driven to build a transformative organization to change the way financial products are built… for good!

Starting a company is akin to pushing a stone uphill. It’s too emotionally taxing and almost impossible to do it alone. I was fortunate to be joined by two amazing individuals early on in the journey. As we approach the anniversary of our first round of institutional funding, we will be announcing promotions to recognize the extraordinary people who’ve helped us build a world-class company in the one year they’ve been with us. 

We’ve achieved the improbable because we have amazingly talented, mission-driven individuals who strive to build a more empathetic, compassionate, and socially-just financial ecosystem. I want to start off by recognizing two team members who have been instrumental in getting us to where we are today.

I want to start off by recognizing two team members who have been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. 

Bao image

Bao is our principal UI engineer whom I’ve had the privilege of working with for over six years. He is easily one of the most talented engineers I’ve ever known and can easily context switch from building world-class UI to DevOps infrastructure with ease. He is intellectually honest and passionate about his craft and making a positive impact. Just as important, he constantly seeks to uplift every member of engineering and has been a cornerstone fostering a low ego, get s*** done mentality within the engineering team. He is an autodidact whose relentless pursuit of sharpening his technical skills is awe-inspiring. 

What our team thinks about Bao:

  • "Bao has a Zen-like approach to UI development. His calm, steady approach, along with his superior technical expertise, allows us to rapidly deploy highly functional, top quality UI."
  • "Bao is a big brain powerhouse! I really admire his perseverance when it comes to tackling a problem. When we were working on the debit portal and had to figure out a way to deploy it Bao showed tremendous stamina and grit."
  • "I’m super grateful for Bao! Honestly, words can’t express how much I appreciate Bao for taking the time to sync up with me daily to give me feedback on code, project focus, and life in general. I feel like I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and a lot of that is due to the fact that I can ask Bao for help if I am stuck/the feedback that he gives me when there is a way to optimize code that I have worked on. Also, the in-depth knowledge he is willing to share. I’ve never been in a situation where he just shows me the lines of code to write. He always explains why the lines of code work, how they work in the context of the framework. I’m super grateful, Thank you, Bao!"
  • "Bao is the go-to engineer to solve complex problems.  He openly helps with client support requests and there's never been a problem he wasn't able to solve. We definitely need more engineers like him and I look towards Bao in helping grow engineering talent at Productfy!"
  • "He has many more years of experience and has a technical prowess that I only hope to compare to in the future; despite his expertise, he has never made me feel less than him or undeserving of his attention. I remember the first time working with him while I was an intern at our prior company, it was nearing the end of the day and most of our coworkers were already leaving the office. I flagged him down to ask for some quick help with my first javascript file. While it would have been understandable to cut the session short or move it to the next day, he spent over an hour explaining the fundamentals and pointing out good coding practices to me (beyond just the one item I initially needed). He has such patience and calmness that makes him not only a great mentor, but also a peer. I always look forward to our deliberations."

David image

David joined us early in our journey to drive commercial relationships. He is a consummate commercial operator who is profoundly mission driven and deeply empathic. David provides the team with the courage to pursue ambitious goals. His consultative approach makes him highly trusted by our clients. He is relentless in his advocacy for our clients, prospects, and partners and embodies a core belief that we succeed when our clients succeed.

What our team thinks about David:

  • "David has the unique ability to understand our clients' needs within the broader FinTech ecosystem and translate those needs into actionable specifications for financial products and services. This ability translates into faster product identification and build, which allows our clients to get to market quicker and with less friction."
  • "Working with David as a compliance partner is great. He understands why I may be asking certain questions and is always a willing partner to get the answers I am looking for."
  • "David has a rare combination of grit, deep empathy for our prospects, and deep understanding of the FinTech space that makes him an invaluable resources for our prospects."

Over the coming months, we’ll be recognizing additional team members who exemplify the best part of Productfy. Be a part of our team and change the way financial products are built...for good!