Diversity & Empathy Makes Us Better Product-Led Organization

Duy Vo
Posted by Duy Vo | Oct 4, 2021

At Productfy, diversity and empathy are moral imperatives that are essential to our operational excellence.

We believe the key to building great products and delivering world-class services is a deep and genuine empathy for our clients and partners.

The financial services industry has both a tremendous opportunity as well as a deep moral obligation to do societal good. We’ve seen a Cambrian Explosion of organizations with an earnest desire to provide better, more engaging, and more impactful financial products to their users that can drive change. These groups come to us with exciting ideas, but often lack the sophistication to operate in a secure manner in compliance with financial regulations.

To help our clients achieve commercial success, we need to go beyond just products that work; we need to understand client use cases to help navigate an often bewildering and antiquated compliance framework. As a result:

  • We design our products to address the complexities and vagaries of banking infrastructure the way it is, not the way we’d like it to be.
  • Our documentation is easy to read and highly educational, to not only explain what to do, but why things are done a certain way.
  • Our well-defined compliance framework includes ToS and cardholder agreements, servicing processes, and UI guidelines to help our clients
    avoid common pitfalls and enable them to get to market in as little as three weeks.

Genuine insight and empathy for our clients’ journey underpin our client success and customer service practices.

As the creator of the technology, compliance, due diligence, and program management that layers on top of our partner banks, credit bureaus, and financial partners, we work hard every day to live up to the critical responsibility of being program managers.

Our partners operate in a highly regulated environment, so we pre-vet our clients through a rigorous KYB process and work with our bank partners to help them understand our clients’ businesses. Our partners trust our compliance and security teams because of their deep banking experience and proven, unwavering commitment to building compliant, sound, and secure financial products. We invest heavily in internal tooling and reporting to give visibility to our partners. 

At the core of our financial operations and banking partnership practices is a deep empathy for our financial partners and a mission to enable them to help our clients innovate in a safe, scalable, and efficient manner.

To develop genuine empathy for our clients and partners, we believe we must live it ourselves every day, in every part of our organization. We believe diversity teaches us empathy.

Our business operates through consensus and the process of building consensus among a diverse group of individuals not only makes our ideas better, but it teaches us to listen to each other. By working with people who are different from us and bring different life experiences to the table, we gain a broader perspective on the world. For this reason, we place a premium on diversity, not only in the traditional measures of ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual orientation, but also in experience and perspectives.

Our diversity is our strength because it teaches us empathy. And empathy is the fuel that drives the amazing products, client experiences, and partnerships at Productfy. 

If you feel you would fit into our team, join us on our mission