August Product Announcements - DevX and Debit

Dan Kovach
Posted by Dan Kovach | Sep 2, 2021

Part of the reason it has historically been so difficult for companies to launch fintech products is the complexity in coding an integration with a legacy system. Anyone who has been faced with a 400+ page PDF of API specs understands how difficult it can be to actually integrate two systems together. Throw in archaic banking terminology and opaque compliance requirements and it gets even harder. 

Our mission at Productfy is to change all that and a key piece is what we call DevX (developer experience). Having empathy for developers who need to build these integrations starts with having clear and up to date documentation that’s readily accessible. I’m pleased to report we’ve taken a giant leap forward in August through a number of enhancements to our DevX. Additionally, our train keeps moving on debit card support with some additional features going live this past month. 

Improved DevX

Api docs introduction

  • Revamped API Documentation 

We have re-organized our API documentation into a new left menu navigation. Much of our section overviews and API descriptions have been re-written to clarify how developers should be using them, and in what order. We also include documentation and sample requests from our Webhooks. See more here.

  • Dedicated UI Widget Documentation

Rather than mix our documentation on UI widgets and GraphQL APIs together, we have split them into separate sections, which lets us focus the messaging on the use cases of each. See available UI Widgets here.

  • Card Issuing and KYC Implementation Guides

Building on our first two step-by-step implementation guides announced last month, we now have two more covering Debit Card Issuing and KYC. These guides complement the API documentation by providing developers with clear instructions on what to code in what order. See our implementation guides here.

  • Compliance Guides

Understanding compliance requirements up front is key to avoiding frustration and wasted time when your app doesn’t get approved. We have now embedded Compliance Guides within our ACH and Debit Card Implementation Guides so you can be clear on all the Terms and Conditions and disclosure requirements needed for your app. 

  • User Feedback 

We know technical documentation is an ever-evolving process, so we have exposed a feedback link for users to rate each page and type in feedback. We will be monitoring feedback closely and making constant iterations to the documentation. 

Feedback section


Debit Card Enhancements

  • Card Freeze

With increasing news on data breaches and fraud schemes, customers want peace of mind that their money won’t be stolen with their card. Our new Card Freeze API allows customers to easily freeze their card to stop transactions from processing against it. Check out the API here.

  • Automated Chargeback Handling

As disputes will inevitably arise on card transactions, Productfy will take care of all dispute and chargeback handling and will now automatically debit and credit customer accounts when provisional credit is given, taken away, or the chargeback case is won or lost.

Watch this space for more updates as we roll out more features to accelerate financial product innovation. Let us know about your innovation below and connect with one of us to partner on your next solution.