Build A
Credit History.
Safely, Securely.

No interest or annual fees.
No credit check to apply.
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Key Features

Start your credit journey with Latinum’s Visa Secured Charge Card. Pay everyday transactions like bills, expenses, and other items, without paying interest or fees.
  • 1% Cash Back - Great card benefits and rewards on all purchases
  • Mobile Payments - Enroll your card information in Apple Pay®, Google Pay® or Samsung Pay® to be able to pay with your phone in stores. 
  • A Modern Digital Experience - Paperless Onboarding, Digital Statements and Virtual Cards

How It Works


Paperless Enrollment

Get approved in minutes with our paperless onboarding

How It Works


Link Your Bank Account

Connect your external account in minutes.

How It Works


Make a Deposit

Your security deposit will be held as collateral. You may access it at account closing.

How It Works


Make Purchases Against 
Your Deposit

You can make everyday purchases up to the full amount of your security deposit.

How It Works


Pay Your Balance on Time

Build a credit history through your on-time payments. Improve your credit journey with the credit bureaus.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum deposit?


Can I access my deposit?

You may add to it at any time to increase your credit limit, but can't transfer the money out.

Is Productfy a bank?

Productfy is a financial technology company that partners with Acme Bank on the consumer card program and acts as program manager.